About Me

Hi! I am Hayden How Zong Han and this is my portfolio. I am a secondary school student in Anderson Secondary School. I am in the Robotics CCA and the Upper Secondary Programming Head. I have a huge passion for programming and mathematics since I was young.

I work mostly with C++, C and Python.

As the Programming Head, my role is to educate and mentor my juniors, fostering their growth into skilled developers. I firmly believe in cultivating a deep understanding of programming concepts rather than relying on mere code memorization.

I have worked on websites (Flask), algorithm related projects (Pathfinding visualiser, sorting visualiser). I dedicate lots of time to work on projects or to hone my programming/math skills.

I am also a developer at Ingenious Applications. In this small group of programmers, we aim to make useful applications to give back to society. Profits are not our priority, instead customer satisfaction and staff welfare are our priority.


Data Structures And Algorithms

I am able to use data structures and algorithms to help speed up programs. I have achieved many top awards for competitions related to data structures and algorithms.

Web Development

I can work on frontend (HTML, CSS, JS) but I mainly specialise in backend development (Python-Flask) and database management (SQL).


I can make sure that my websites are safe from various attacks. I also have taken part in the NYP YCEP 2023 CTF and achieved 1st place.


I have experience working with robots and know many related algorithms such as PID Control, Odometry and Pathfinding.

Data Science And Machine Learning

I have attended courses such as the AWS Accelerator 2023. I have basic knowledge of data science and how AI works with its many different algorithms such as Linear Regression, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning.


I spend much of my free time researching and learning mathematics myself as I have a great interest for it. This has increased my understanding of mathematics and do well for my examinations and math related competitions.


Proficient in Linux, I possess a comprehensive understanding of the operating system's principles, command-line interface, and essential tools, enabling me to effectively navigate and administer Linux-based environments.


As a skilled Vim user, I am well-versed in leveraging its modal editing approach, enabling me to seamlessly switch between insert, normal, and visual modes, increasing editing speed and accuracy.


I had leadership positions in my CCA and led multiple projects in competitions and in CCA to do well.


I have experience teaching my peers in CCA as I was the trainer for the juniors, and was able to teach them well.


Here are some of the projects I have worked on

Anderson Orders

A canteen ordering website made for my Secondary School (Still working on it).

Coding Checklist

A simple website to keep track of programming questions you have solved.

Pathfinding visualiser

A pathfinding visualiser that uses the A* pathfinding algorithm to find the shortest path in a grid where walls may exist.

Sorting visualiser

A sorting visualiser that sorts an array of numbers with algorithms such as bubble sort and selection sort.

Mini projects

Many other mini projects such as a tic-tac-toe AI, object detector with computer vision, Sudoku solver, digit recognizer.


Here are some of the experiences I have had


Joined YCEP and achieved 1st place in the YCEP CTF competition.


In charge of the robotics club's booth

AWS Accelerator 2023

Attended the course which also has a final project for us to do.

NUS December Course 2022

The course teaches data structures and algorithms.

Python Programme

Organised and taught 2 programmes in school to teach basic python programming.

Teaching in ANDSS

In my CCA, I teach my juniors and set coding questions (codebreaker.xyz) as well for them to practise.


Here's the list of my most notable awards

National Olympiad In Informatics

Silver Medal in 2022 (Top 35) and 2023 (Top 25)

Singapore Math Project Festival

Bronze Medal in SMPF 2022 Junior Section and Gold Medal in SMPF 2023 Senior Section with a project related to robotics.

RCAP Cospace Rescue U19 SG Open

Finalist in 2021. 1st place individual and 2nd place Superteams in 2022. 1st place in individual, superteams and presentation in 2023.

RCAP Cospace Rescue Asia-Pacific U19

1st place in individual, online individual and superteams in 2022. Poster presentation award and 2nd place in presentation in 2022 as well.

RCAP Cospace Rescue Tianjin Invitational U19

1st place in superteams and 3rd place in presentation in 2022.


Attended the Youth Cyber Exploration Programme by Nanyang Polytechnic. Obtained the certificate of proficiency and 1st place in programme's CTF.

Lockheed Martin Codequest

3rd place in Codequest 2022 Advanced Category and participated in 2023 Advanced Category.

NRC CoderZ

3rd place in NRC CoderZ 2022. Won $1500 cash price.

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad

Honourable Mention in SMO 2022 Senior Section.

Australian Math Competition

Achieved Credit in AMC 2022 Year 9 Intermediate Division.

Young Engineer Award

Achieved the Young Engineer Award from SG Poly in 2022 and 2023.

MOE Edusave Scholarship Award

Obtained Edusave award in Secondary School 2020 and 2022.

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad

Silver medal in the 2023 Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad.

Singapore Physics League

Honourable mention in 2023 Singapore Physics League Junior Section.

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad

Participated in the 2022 Chemistry Olympiad.

Most Proficient Coder

The most proficient coder in the Robotics Club.

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